1951 FX Holden

1951 FX Holden

1951 FX Holden Completed restorations

If you have a 1951 FX Holden that needs restoring, repairs or service – we would be delighted to provide you a free consultation and advice on your 1951 FX Holden Car Restoration or rebuild

We can ‘breathe’ new life into your classic Holden or repair any aspect of the car.

This specific FX Holden came to us already dismantled and freshly being dipped, panel by panel.

We epoxy primed the complete body-shell and all panels, so once completed the body-work could commence.

Even though in its previous life the body hadn’t been tampered with too much, the body and panels still needed quite a bit of work.

Below you will see all the workmanship and love we provide to all our vehicles that we restore. Every classic car is special to individual clients.

We truly enjoyed working on this early Holden!