Alfa Spider 1300 Junior Car Restoration

Alfa Spider 1300 Junior Car Restoration

Alfa Spider 1300 Junior Car Restoration Completed restorations

If you have an Alfa Spider 1300 Junior that needs restoring, repairs or service- we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advice on your Alfa Spider 1300 Junior car restoration or rebuild.

We can ‘breathe new life’ into your classic Alfa Spider 1300 Junior or repair any aspect of the car.

The example we have at hand is a 68 model it has a 1290 cc sized engine top speed at 170 km p/h.

There are a few differences between the 1300 and the 1750, the opening quarter lights, center console, three spoke wood rimmed steering wheel which was replaced by a not so popular two spoke plastic rimmed one.

The Junior had a few noticeable difference from the outside, having black coloured front lower bumper and absence of plastic headlamp covers.

In total 2680 1300 Juniors were made over the span of two years 1968-69.

Only 97 original RHD 1300 Juniors were made, which makes this example extremely rare.

The spider name originates from the english word ‘speeder’ a two person open horse carriage.

We will be carrying out a full restoration to this Alfa Spider Junior, starting with dismantling all parts, labeling, tagging and storing away in our parts rooms.

Sending the body away to be dipped, upon its return we will be primering the body and associated panels, inspecting what panels we will be requiring and making a start on the body work.

All this will be the first stage of works to be carried out and undertaken.

As we are nearing completion of this superb and rare Alfa spider 1300 junior RHD upon reflecting on the project, no stone has been un-turned, as literally every part of the vehicle has been Restored from the engine, gearbox, diff, all suspension components, all hand made fuel and brake lines, new fuel tank, dash top restored, jaeger gauges, brand new wiring loom, all original trim components from our distributors in Italy the list goes on and on among many new components and all parts and hardware either plated or painted!

This vehicle will definately be a keeper as it has been in the family basically since new

The Full restoration was completed end of 2017.