Ford Capri V6 Car Restoration

Ford Capri V6 Car Restoration

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If you have a Ford Capri that needs restoring, repairs or service – we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advice on your Ford Capri car restoration or rebuild.

We can ‘breathe’ new life into your classic Ford or repair any aspect of the car.

This 1972 Ford Capri came to us straight from Lloyds classic car auctions in Queensland.

We had to go over the vehicle, advise and ascertain if it required to be restored.

Based on our experience it definitely needed restoration as engine bay, under-body, mechanical and suspension components were in a sad condition but original, especially to bring it up to concours standards.

The body was quite straight, in fact this was one of the most original looking bodies we had seen roll through our doors in a very long time.

Which is why we did not need to acid dip the car, it was all hand stripped except for engine bay, boot compartment, under-body and all channels which were bead blasted with glass beads.

We only acid dip vehicles when we feel the car warrants it (which in our case and vehicles is most of the time).

If a vehicle is fairly sound inside and out, it is far better to hand clean to preserve its originality.

Thus far all components have been stripped and removed from vehicle.

Engine has been rebuilt, body work complete, its been on and now off the rotisserie and awaiting for final trial fitting of all panels, blocking of body then ready for paint.

All suspension, steering, fuel and all other components are being individually stripped for blasting for either bright zinc plating and or primer and semi gloss black paint as per original.

Stay tuned for more updates of this ever popular and rare classic.