Jaguar S Type Car Restoration

Jaguar S Type Car Restoration

Jaguar S Type Car Restoration Completed restorations

If you have a Jaguar S Type that needs restoring, repairs or service – we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advice on your Jaguar S type car restoration

We can ‘breathe’ new life into your classic S Type Jaguar car restoration or repair any aspect of the car.

The Jaguar S Type was first produced in 1963.

The intention was to build a car that had very close attributes to the MK X and MK II Jaguars

The body being very similar to the latter. Engine choices were either the 3.4 or 3.8 litres.

The same dunlop braking system was fitted as the MK II.

The Burman power steering was improved with a higher geared system fitted to the S type. This was a constant complaint on the MK II’s.

In the 1960’s the S Type was regarded as the best handling browns lane saloon.

Body wise there is always corrosion issues (as with many classic cars)

The chassis box sections, sills, door bottoms, floor pan and under boot carpet are all areas that prospective buyers or current owners need to look at.

This example we have is a 1965 Jaguar S Type which has been neglected especially in terms of suspension, steering and engine bay areas

We have been commissioned to carry out work to the front suspension and steering along with other areas as required by our client