Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda Car Restoration

Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda Car Restoration

Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda Car Restoration Completed restorations

If you have a Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda that needs restoring, repairs or service we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advise on you Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda Car Restoration or rebuild.

The 280 SL was first introduced in 1967 and continued in production till the start of 1971 when it was replaced by the 107 Chassis Mercedes.

The 280 SL’s were popular mainly due to it larger engine size/capacity than it predecessors. Hence why they were ever so popular in the U.S.

There were close to 23,900 280 SL’s ever produced half of which were sold to the U.S.

For every year in production there were on-going and notable changes and improvements to the 280 SL.

We can ‘breathe new life’ into your classic Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda Car Restoration.

We have been commissioned to initially carry out insurance work through the Shannon’s network but as it is with most classic cars who get into accidents, you do not know what your going to find beyond the accident.

Which is where the client comes into it as we have to liase and make aware to the client of what we find and see. As there was plenty of rust and poor workmanship on this ever valuable 280 SL.

We will even be lead wiping/ lead loading all the original joints as per original, something the insurance companies in most cases will not pay for.

So basically half our work on this Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda will be insurance and the other work private.

There are plenty of un-original works carried out to this valuable and previously noted ever appreciating classic, most notably the colour to under-body, wheel arches and underside of guards and quarter panels, should be all body colour.

We really enjoy working on these Beautiful Classics!