Volvo P1800E Car Restoration

Volvo P1800E Car Restoration

Volvo P1800E Completed restorations

If you have a Volvo P1800E that needs restoring, repairs or service- we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advice on your Volvo P1800E car restoration or rebuild

We can ‘breathe new life’ into your classic Volvo P1800E or repair any aspect of the car.

Initially this Volvo P1800E came to us after a nasty collision to the left rear quarter

While commencing the work for the insurance company, we started un-covering quite a bit of rust and poor workmanship in other areas.

We advised the client and liaised with him in the situation and what we thought and decided while we are doing the areas where damaged that we can carry out the restoration work to ares linked.

The Volvo P1800E is a two seater, front engine, rear wheel drive vehicle based as a coupe. production started in 1961 until 1973

The P1800’s initially took off after Volvo wanted a sports car to compete in the U.S and European markets even though the previous P1900 failed to make any real movement with only 68 subsequently sold.

The early P1800’s were being built by Jensen, but they had problems with quality control so the contract ended early after 6000 cars had been built.

In 1963 Production was moved to the familiar Lundby plant in Gothernburg and thats why the cars name changed to P1800 S ‘S’ standing for sweden

The P1800E brought out its first fuel injected model being the Bosch fuel injection

Along with fuel injection it also has had four wheel disc brakes

The latest model following the 1800E was the 1800ES which was the two door station wagon