Restoration Of Your Classic Car

Restoration Of Your Classic Car

In today’s post we take a look at the pros and cons of vehicle restoration. The team at O&S Sports Cars have been restoring vehicles for over 50 years – so we have a deep insight into the restoration process

Pro’s Of Restoring Your Classic Car

  • You will get value for money with our craftsmanship and quality of work
  • Your classic car will be better then when it came out of the factory
  • When it comes to selling your classic car, having your car restored by a reputable and well known workshop Like O&S will only add value when it comes to selling
  • You will continuously see progress via email and or if your able to visit first hand
  • your car may be the 20-25% or so of classic cars that will be worth more than the restoration itself
  • It is known fact that some-most classic vehicles are worth less than the cost of restoring your classic BUT having it done professionaly, originally and or to your specs ( as this is becoming increasingly popular) as this may include works such as converting cars from left to right hand drive, fabricating and modifying Porsche 356 style headlight buckets on a 1961 Karmann Ghia, Fitting alarms and immobilizer like we did with the 1971 Ford Mustang and re-spraying a car in a different colour even if it’s the same theme as the current marque, and the list goes on and on with what people want and what can be done

Everyone has their own idea/ideas of what their ideal classic car should feel and look like to THEM!

  • Main questions I ask before we start most restorations is this, if the client is intending of keep their classic car for a long period of time, if it has sentimental value and if they are going to pass it down to a family member (whether younger or older than them) and how much they love their car, all these questions in our eyes out-weighs and hence is a ‘pro’ for why it means more than if the restoration costs more than the actual car itself
  • some classic cars will increase in value whether it be in 2-5 years time, 10-20 years time, 20-30 years time, like with stocking broking the classic car market is very hard to predict

So you could be holding onto an investment project and you don’t even realize it!

  • you will always have friendly service from start to finish
  • we will ALWAYS be here, as we have customers who have been with us from the inception of when our company was established in 1990 to now and we have restored more than just one of their cars.
  • No matter how vital and important new age technology is, we always stive on word of mouth, the happier our discerning clients are the happier we are
  • We are an extremely versatile company we can carry out anything from small to large projects
  • You can have us carry out works in stages, whether it be body and paint, aligning of body panels, detailing inside and out for personal and or concours shows, only mechanical work, suspension work, just chroming or plating of parts, or trimwork, we are FLEXIBLE
  • we take pride in our work and we will go that extra mile
  • We are open Saturdays for any client that isn’t able to visit during the busy weekdays

Con’s Of Restoring Your Classic Car

  • (known fact) Can be an expensive project
  • Your wife/partner may not be happy with the amount of attention your classic car is receiving
  • (known fact) your cars value may cost less than the cost of the restoration
  • It is hard to know what is underneath the paintwork as there are a lot of tricks and cheating workshops from all around the world do that the client and even us cant foresee until the paint is stripped back to bare metal, We have see it ALL