Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Car Restoration

Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Car Restoration

Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Car Restoration Completed restorations

We have been commissioned to restore this beautiful and rare Alfa Romeo Spider 1750.  We are the specialists when it comes to restoring your Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 car restoration.

This 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 initially came to us back in June 2012 for us to inspect and assess what the car needed and also what aspect of the car the client wanted us to carry out the restoration work to (its extremely vital working in conjunction with our prospective clients) to know what they want done and in return they realise that we only have one standard of workmanship and that is better than factory craftsmanship.

The client wanted every aspect of his classic Alfa restored, the most notable the car had been painted in the wrong colour, so a bare metal paint job to original colour was on the cards.

When it comes to originality of any classic O&S Sports Car Restorations is the best workshop for your classic car to be restored.

But back in June 2012 our client couldn’t proceed with the restoration project due to important work commitments and he had the Alfa Romeo Spider dry stored in a Sydney storage facility.

Over 2 years later we get an email to pick up the Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 on our flat bed tow truck to commence on the full restoration of the Alfa Spider.

Stripping every single component and strategically documenting, tagging and bagging all parts ready for restoration.

Once all parts are removed we will be sending the body shell to get stripped inside and out, then to primer and begin body work as the body has been previously worked on in an unprofessional way. Welding new panels on top of rust (this is something we have seen all too often unfortunately).

We are really looking forward to this project and will update as often as we can.