Mercedes 220A Cabriolet

Mercedes 220A Cabriolet W187

Mercedes Current Restorations

If you have a Mercedes 220A Cabriolet W187 that needs restoring, repairs or service – we would be delighted to provide you free consultation and advice on your Mercedes 220A Cabriolet car restoration or rebuild

We can ‘breathe new life’ into your classic Mercedes 220A Cabriolet or repair any aspect of the car.

This 220A Cabriolet came to us in sad and but previously worked on condition without the love and attention carried out to this quite rare 220 Cabriolet.

We will be restoring every component of this vehicle, improving what we could on the paintwork, repairing and repainting the boot lid as there is a considerable dent on the underside of the skin, which hasnt been repaired properly.

The Timber soft top frame along with all the timber work on insides of vehicle will need alot of attention also

basically this 220 Cabriolet is in the right hands to bring her back to the condition it well and truly deserves.

We will be keeping you updated as we go.